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Website Design Cost in Dubai – We at 3Gmet Dubai develop websites in a unique way. In other words, we would study and determine the cost of your company website in the most accurate and transparent manner after thoroughly knowing your business, demands, and requirements

A company website may be as cheap or as expensive as you choose because there are so many alternatives available.

In order to offer you a top-notch website that best meets your demands, 3Gmet is devoted to first evaluating and analyzing your needs in light of the nature and scale of your business (start-ups, e-commerce, and well-known organizations all have distinct requirements).

Cost Analysis of Your Website

1. How many pages are you looking for?
2. What design criteria do you employ?
3. How many people do you anticipate visiting your website?
4. When developing a new website, should you start from scratch or use a template?

All of these queries, including the most important: How much will my website in Dubai cost? After reading the explanations below, you should be able to address them.

How many pages are you looking for?

The first thing I want to know from you is how big my website would be. In comparison to an e-commerce website that would require substantially more pages to cover all the goods and services you provide, a simple corporate website would just require 5 to 15 pages. Up to 50,000 pages are permitted on an e-commerce website, and this will significantly alter the cost. A simple website would therefore cost you between 699 AED and 2999 AED,  while a website with additional pages would cost you between 2999 AED and 3500 AED, depending on its size.


Website Cost in Dubai


What design criteria do you employ?

You must hire a professional designer to create your website if you are a perfectionist in your line of work. Fortunately, 3Gmet Dubai offers this service. To ensure your happiness, however at a cost, we have a variety of brilliant expert designers who will draw up your website before beginning the coding. We always include a design sketch in our price structure since we wouldn’t risk funding a project that might not succeed!

How many people do you anticipate visiting your website?

The coding style and needed server may vary depending on how many people you anticipate seeing your website. For instance, the coding approach and the price would be significantly greater for some government online services, which may receive more than a million visitors each day, than for a normal eCommerce website, which is anticipated to receive only a few hundred visitors each day. To accurately determine the project cost, you must have an exact estimate of the number of visits to your website.



When developing a new website, should you start from scratch or use a template?

Website design is available online at incredibly inexpensive prices, usually from freelancers. They provide a business website for as little as 400 to 500 AED, and even more unexpectedly, an eCommerce website for as little as 2500 AED! They seem too wonderful to be true.

You should be aware that they frequently employ pre-made themes and templates to build your website. Additionally, they do not provide any help for you after the launch of your website, and more crucially, they do not care about the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requirements for websites, which negatively affects your website’s SEO rankings.

If you choose a low-quality, inexpensive website, keep in mind that you will eventually have to remodel it owing to the extremely intense market competition, which is the first and most important consequence.

We build websites from the ground up at 3Gmet. To prevent slow page loads and improve the functionality of your website, we code your pages. Since day one, we have taken your website’s SEO into consideration.

Lastly, the cost

Website Design Cost in Dubai – Now that we have discussed everything, you need to be clear on the pricing range for a new website. It may range from 699 AED to 4000 AED in price. However, in order to be more precise, we have divided the price range into several categories. As a result, you can now calculate the cost of your website based on which category your company’s website will fall under.

Let’s put freelancers out of our minds because we never suggest doing business with them.

Company Website The cost of the website can range from 699 AED to 4000 AED, depending on its features and size.
Standard eCommerce Website
The price range for a typical eCommerce website with minimal functionality is between 3200 AED and 7000 AED. For additional information, see “eCommerce Website Cost in Dubai/UAE.”
increased eCommerce complexity
From 7000 AED to 15,000 AED, an eCommerce website with special capabilities like designing receipts or inventory management may be necessary.


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